Our Mission

Greater Waukesha Literacy is dedicated to providing and advocating basic literacy skills and services to  improve the quality of life of our learners.

Our vision is to be the premier resource promoting and advocating literacy in all areas, enriching lives and enhancing our community.

Our Students

  • GWL works with more than 350 students per year, who range in age from 4-80

  • English Language Learners (ELL) represent approximately 50% of all students. Of those ELL students, 50% are Spanish-speaking

  • GWL serves students from approximately 28 countries

  • GWL volunteers work with approximately 50 children each year

  • Students are referred to the program through employers, self-referral, human service agencies, The Women's Center, Salvation Army, the Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) and the Waukesha School District

  • GWL works with approximately 10% of all students enrolled in WCTC's high school completion program.  GWL tutors help these students with their writing, reading comprehension and math requirements

  • Approximately 10 ELL students receive their U.S. citizenship each year

Our Volunteers

  • GWL has more than 350 volunteers tutors each year.

  • As many as a dozen volunteers assist in a classroom setting either at the Waukesha County jail or an ESL class at WCTC.

  • Tutor training is provided in sessions throughout the year.

Why Our Work Is Important...

Illiteracy has negative effects on the entire community when an individual struggles with basic requirements:

  • The ability to secure a job with a livable wage

  • The ability to help a child with their school work

  • The ability to fulfill a daily routine, including tasks like shopping or reading a bus schedule

  • The ability to succesfully interact and communicate with others

It is estimated that 60 percent of people in U.S. jails and prisons are functionally illiterate. The societal and economic costs of illiteracy run into billions of dollars each year.

Illiteracy is a fundamentally solvable problem. It requires a combination of public awareness, additional funding for literacy problems, development of new instructional approaches and support for needed research and teacher training.

Financial Support

  • Financial support comes from corporations, businesses, service clubs, churches and private individuals.

  • GWL does three major fundraisers each year, the Scrabble® tournament in February, the Corporate Spelling Bee in June and the Celebration of Literacy in September.

Additional Programs

  • GWL organizes a community-wide Dr. Seuss Celebration, where more than 30 volunteers read Dr. Seuss books at more than 30 sites throughout Waukesha County.  Often these readers are GWL adult students reading to their children's classrooms.

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