27th Annual Corporate Spelling Bee

Thursday, June 6   5:00 p.m.


1200 S Moorland Road, Brookfield

     Formatted much like the popular national spelling bee and those from elementary school, the GWL Bee invites teams of three spellers to take the stage and alternate at the microphone to test their prowess in front of a live audience.

     After teams are introduced, our word pronouncer will give a speller a word, definition, and a sentence. Without notes, the speller must spell the word and await the ruling of the judging panel. The last team standing, wins!

     A few “cheats” are allowed, but may cost you! Teams can confer with pad and paper before the assigned speller steps to the microphone. Unhappy with a word? You can pay to skip it or to have it assigned to another team.  A single opportunity also exists, for a price, for an eliminated team to re-enter the competition and continue. All the fees are part of the fun and support GWL’s year-round programs to promote full literacy in the county.


    Several teams have been regular participants for many years, and new teams are always welcome. The audience enjoys the teams with special costumes or antics to add to the festive nature of the event. And the audience gets a chance to test their own spelling skill during intermission with a written exam!

     Prizes are plentiful, a remarkable raffle of more than 30 baskets of goodies from around the region, and a tasty buffet add to the merriment of this very popular annual tradition. 

     So don’t delay! Register your support for improving lives through literacy. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a customized partnership package, please feel free to call/email us at (262) 547-7323 or director@waukeshaliteracy.org.  We want to make your investment in us...also benefit you. 

This year's theme celebrates the STAR WARS universe.  Participants often dress up for the theme.

Special Thanks to the 

2018 Winners Circle Sponsor

Literacy Services of Wisconsin, Inc.    |     217 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite B16, Waukesha, WI 53186     |     262.547.7323     | info@literacyservices.org 

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