Online Resources for Tutors

Basic Skills

Learning Disabilities

The Learning Disabilities Association Website has information about types of learning disabilities and how to teach people who have them

The Center for Alternative Learning is devoted to helping people with learning disabbilities. It includes a variety of strategies, topics, articles, and videos.

Dyslexia Resource Guide 

Dyslexia Myth or Fact Game

Understood helps to understand the issues of children who have learning and attention disabilities.

Reading Comprehension

Teaching Basic Reading Comprehension Strategies


Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers for Children

The KWL Chart graphic organizer can help students learn best by applying new information to what they already know.


Comprehension Checklists:


Before Reading

During Reading

After Reading


ESL Fast offers simple, short, easy reading stories written for adults.  

Easy-to-Read Materials

News For You is an online newspaper written at an easier reading level.


Breaking News English has easy reading international news.

Sight Words

Strategies Using Sight Words


Minneapolis Community Education offers adult basic education resources, with a focus on literacy, workplace skills, and GED test preparation. offers resources for language learners and adult basic education learners.


The Khan Academy has self-guided math modules available.

The Illuminations has several beautiful math problems, quizzes and brain teasers provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

BBC Skillswise ia a practical, common-sense maths for adults.


TV411 has engaging videos on basic finance, basic math, averages, fractions, and geometry.

A Plus Math is a interactive math resources for teachers, parents, students featuring free math worksheets, games, flash cards, and more

Math Playground interactives and manipulatives that model math problems visually

Shodor offers primarily higher-level math and science activities, as well as activities for arithmetic, telling time, and other basic math topics

English Language Learners (ELL)


Printable worksheets on prepositions, articles, and verb tenses can be found at Learn English, Feel Good

Activities for ESL Students has online grammar and vocabulary quizzes for ELL students and some podcasts on useful topics.

For teaching ideas and handouts, as well as grammar and writing handouts, check out ESLFlow.

Better English Grammar Exercises is a website that houses grammar and vocabulary lessons, it's British however, so some lessons may need to be changed.

The site Learn English Today has vocabulary, a phrasal verb dictionary, and lots of printable crosswords and other word games along with some grammar exercises.

ABC's of the Writing Progress has a variety of writing tasks

The Purdue Online Writing Lab includes writing resources and instructional materials for in-class and out-of-class instruction for all levels.

English Daily has example conversation and grammar activities good for lower level students. 

The site has grammar, idioms, a phrasal verb dictionary, a Reading Room with links to articles and a Listening Lounge with links to podcasts and radio stories.

English In Levels designed to help ESL students learn faster and better and lets students practice only words and grammar they need at their level of English.

Purdue University OWL includes both theoretical and practical professional ESL resources for teachers.


Learning Resources offers lessons using CNN and CBS news stories. Each module includes an audio and video clip of the story, the full text of the story, and interactive activities to test comprehension.

Cartoons about everyday topics with a voiceover of natural American English can be found with “Tales of Mere Existence” by Lev Yilmaz.

Listening activities and sample dialogues that also come with transcripts - good for lower level students - can be found at

Learn American English Online is a good for practice at home. It features video lessons, quizzes, and mini presentations divided by level.

USA Learns is a website that has several lessons with internet videos and accompanying classes. This is great for homework. contains many things that might interest ESL students, particularly listen and repeat videos, podcasts, flash games and quizzes. 

A good resource that includes multiple pages of speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar examples with quizzes is ESLgold,

English as a Second Language Podcast with supplementary learning materials.

Ron C. Lee, Ph.D. – English as a Second Language is a site with a toolbar along the top for listening, speaking, pronunciation, games, etc. and takes you to a list of websites with activities. This is a great ELL search engine.

Ron C. Lee, Ph.D. – English as a Second Language is a site with a toolbar along the top for listening, speaking, pronunciation, games, etc. and takes you to a list of websites with activities. This is a great ELL search engine.


Conversational idioms can be found at Dave's ESL Cafe. This is also a good resource in general, containing forums and guides for tutors.

Business Idioms and Business Idioms by Occupation are available at ESL Mania and The Idiom Connection.

English with Jennifer: A site for language learners with videos on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and writing in a video format that teaches listening skills. has multiple online worksheets and quizzes discussing a wide range of English related topics.

Lanternfish contains teacher resources and lesson plans, as well as ideas for larger groups. 

An extensive site with articles, research papers, lesson plans, games, conversation topics,

and activities for students is The Internet TESL Journal For Teachers. This Technique teaches students how to revise their own work.

ESL Notes: The English Learner Movie Guides is a site that has guides for a variety of American movies. Each guide includes a summary of the plot, a list of the major characters, an extensive glossary of vocabulary and cultural references, and questions for class discussion. has printable grammar quizzes and worksheets and  PDF lesson plans divided up by difficulty level. 

Bradley's English School hosts online interactive games that are good for lower level students.

LESLLA (Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition) is an international forum of researchers who share an interested in research on the development of additional language skills by adult immigrants with little or no schooling prior to entering the country of entry.

New American Horizons offers reacher-training videos that provide insight on an approach to balanced literacy instruction with a group of pre-literate adult language learners.

Multilingual Minnesota contains a collection of reading to teachers , recommended books, and informar\tion about balanced literacy instruction.

Connecting Literacy to Everyday Life

Health Literacy

Health Lesson Plan Packet


Wisconsin’s Health Literacy Website


Using the Health Literacy Website Instructions.



Employment Packet


Basic Resume Resources are available at

PBS Literacy Link focus on adult basic education resources featuring interactive lessons with focus on workplace skills and GED test preparation.



Employment Skills

School Readiness

School readiness packet    



A collection of political cartoons, which are used in the Citizenship Test to determine understanding of American Politics, can be found here at The Cagle Post.

American English Helps by Paul and Bernice Noll contains several resources on parts of speech, facts about America, idioms and proverbs, and aspects of English.

Questions and answers to the 100 Citizenship Questions:

English version

Spanish version

A Roadmap to the US Constitution provides information on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights


Hands on Banking has sets of lessons for adults on using banks and making financial decisions.


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